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Professional ​

I have built and grown communities for more than fifteen years. I excel at crafting creative, out-of-the-box ideas, and do my best work when I can collaborate with a team to bring those ideas to life. When not at work, I nurture my own communities. I stream video games and my Dungeons & Dragons sessions, create cosplay outfits, attend conventions, create mixology recipes inspired by fandom, and work on completing my living shiny Pokédex. Ultimately, I am a communicator striving to make my favorite spaces more open and welcoming to everyone.

Red Bull
Community Manager, Communications, Influencer Manager

​2018 - present


  • Create and activate the first community plan and influencer program for Red Bull Gaming. Build and maintain relationships with influencers and community leaders across Discord, Twitter, Twitch, Reddit, conventions, and other online and in person

  • Work across departments to ideate, road map, create internal and external communications, and project manage multiple events, including AnneMunition at PAX East, We Are's 2019 E3 booth, Cloud9 Scrim Sesh, Red Bull PinDrop LA, etc, reaching more than one million attendees and viewers

  • Work cross-departmentally to ideate concepts, identify and manage talent, edit videos, moderate chats, and run polls and community engagement for livestreams, including Red Bull Conquest Finals 2019, Ninja New Year, Unidos Online, and Red Bull Metamorphosis, reaching more than 3 million viewers

  • Collaborate on diversity issues with The ESA Foundation, Latinx in Gaming, Black Pro Gamers, the XO Academy, and Sugar Gamers. Create communications and activations around E3, PAX, and additional livestreams to provide education and resources that empower underrepresented voices in the gaming space

  • Work directly with Twitch to test and run the prototype of Twitch’s trivia feature at Ninja New Year. Design and run trivia, polls, and giveaways for Red Bull Twitch streams

  • Partner with Shen Comix to create Rage Quit Comic, Red Bull Gaming's most successful social series. Create brand guidelines, character profiles, internal and external messaging, all website copy, and wrote more 24 comic scripts. Rage Quit has been viewed over 2.2 million times and earned 90K engagement, with average posts performing at 28 times benchmark

  • Create social, website, and outreach copy, build and verify official Red Bull Solo Q Discord server, create and manage FAQs across multiple platforms and projects



Gaming Trend
Lead Editor, Streamer

​2016 - present


  • Craft articles about gaming, popular culture, and live events including E3, PAX, and SDCC, resulting in over 250k views

  • Built and executed a plan to secure a Twitch Affiliate status and revenue source for the site

  • Organize and run giveaways across Twitch, Twitter, and the website

  • Create graphics, video assets, and voice overs for videos, streams, and articles using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, and Final Cut

  • Craft site documentation, brand guidelines, and guides for onboarding new editors

  • Led the overhaul of the backend assignment system, increasing visibility of available titles, improving accountability, and reducing the number of clicks and updates required of editors by 40%



Senior Community Manager, Moderator, Brand Writer, Host

​2006 - 2019


  • Worked across departments, including legal and marketing, to shape, write and communicate policies and brand language for the DeviantArt

  • Worked with the advertising department to generate more than $2 million in revenue by ideating, selecting, and working with influencers and artists. Assisted in executing multiple campaigns, including Overwatch, Sword Art Online, Diablo III, and Tekken 7

  • Managed an overhaul of moderation tools and reporting which resulted in 15% increase of self-support resolutions by users, and a 5% decrease in incoming customer service tickets

  • Trained new hires on policies and enforcement, with an emphasis on critical thinking and respectful, sensitive handling of complex emerging social issues, such as gender identity

  • Planned, organized, and worked exhibition booths at multiple conventions and trade shows, including SDCC, NYCC, and Anime Expo, reaching 850,000+ attendees

  • Spoke as a panelist and brand voice at multiple conventions, town halls, and livestreams, including SDCC, NYCC, Anime Expo, and DeviantArt anniversary celebrations, reaching over 1 million people

  • Created news, community interest pieces, native advertising articles, and hosted livestreams generating more than 2 million views and 20,000 interactions for brands including Pokémon, Game of Thrones, Marvel Comics, Gigantic, Tales of Berseria, One Piece, Pacific Rim: Uprising, and Dragon Quest XI




AAA Community Manager of the Year

-Finalist, 2020

Service Award

Awarded for outstanding customer service

- DeviantArt, 2012

  Helpdesk Hero

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects



Public speaking

Cross-departmental communication

Crisis Management


Final Cut





CSS editing

Microsoft Suite

Google Sheets


Training and onboarding

Use of the Oxford comma

Fluent in memes

In recognition of handling 250,000 moderation tickets. This award has never been awarded to another employee.

- DeviantArt, 2007

Hillsdale College

​2000 - 2004

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